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FREE Bendy B*tches Online - Halloween Edition🎃

A special one-off! Overall flexibility class focusing on backbends, shoulder flex & splits❤️


📆 Date: Tuesday 31 October
⏰ Time: 6PM-7PM AEST (SYD time)
💻 Platform: via ZOOM

🌟 Level: Open level (Beginner-friendly)
✅ No equipment needed!

🎥 Recording is available for 7 days x

Who am I?

Hey there! I'm Chloé, and I'm a Sydney-based pole dancing and flexibility instructor.

My love for flexibility stems from all the amazing benefits I've found from my history in competitive figure skating and flamenco - seeing the freedom in movement and shapes, improvement of performance, the physical and mental relaxation it can bring, reducing risk of injury... list goes on!

I'd love to share my passion & love for flexibility with you, to help you unleash your inner confidence and potential that flexibility can help through your journey - whether you are a pole dancer, aerialist, gym fanatic, yogi, or a gymnast.

Class Content: 


Lower limb - warm up & stability through the legs


Front splits - hamstrings, quads, with focus on hips


Overhead shoulder mobility work


Backbend - core work & reducing lower back pain


Needle scale / Scorpion progression & regression

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