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I specialise in teaching students from beginners to elite, and also train new & current instructors as well.

My areas are pole tricks (aerial & base), floorwork tricks, choreography (pole & floor), and flexibility.

- Online:  live / pre-recorded classes

- In-person: group / semi-private / one-on-one private classes

Personalised Pole Coaching Program

Bendy B*tches Online

Private Lessons

Specialty Classes

My own creation of classes - branding that is unique to my style.

Sensual Dance Technique (Beginners+)

The lack of focus in fundamental moves in beginner level pole dancing was the catalyst to the creation of this class.


Students have one focal element of dance every week, and by the end of the term - will have a solid understanding of Sensual Dance Technique.

Open to beginner dancers, but also perfect for experienced dancers wanting to finesse their dance.

Bendy B*tches
(Open Level)

In the absence of the narrative of overall flexibility being crucial for pole dancing, this class was created to all levels of pole dancers wanting to increase flexibility, prevent injuries, and become a Bendy B*tch!

Every week we work on one type of split, shoulders and backbends inspired by yoga & gymnastic shapes.

Open to absolutely all levels from beginners to advanced.

Fiery Sensual Pole Choreo & Routine

Fast and Fiery at times, Slow and Sensual other times.

This class was created based on Chloé’s background in figure skating and flamenco - dynamic movements, flowy transitions,  and a lot of aerial & base pole tricks.


This signature style pole choreography class has a heavy focused on musicality, flow of movements, and a ton of fun & goofiness.

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