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All the business stuff.

For any work enquiries, don't hesitate to contact me!

Product Development Manager @ Sydney Pole

As a Product Development Manager, my objective is to enhance our students' learning experience and to create an extraordinary instructor community. My main responsibilities include product / class design through creating new classes, curriculum amendments and expansion, and product training; and instructor guidance & relations through internal instructor training, quality assurance, and new and current instructor relationship management.

Chloé Uchida - Product Development Manager at Sydney Pole

Instructor Training & Education

As a pole dancer, ex-figure skating competitor, and ex-flamenco dancer - my extensive background in sports & dance has lead me to not just training students but also training new & current pole dancing instructors.

Instructor training is not limited to technique training, but also extends to important skillsets as an instructor such as sales, marketing, communication, business administration, relationship management, performing, and mindset.

Sydney Pole - Internal Instructor Training & Education Session

Brand Ambassador

I am a current ambassador for pole wear brands Tatiana ActivePole Glam, and Lottie Love

I firmly believe all the brands I work with, as I love the quality of the brand, ethos, and most of all - the owner's work ethic, authenticity, and personality.

Chloé Uchida - Tatiana Active Ambassador (Xena set in wine)


I host special workshops not just in Australia but also overseas as well.

My popular workshops include Fiery Sensual Pole Choreo, Sensual Dance Technique, Signature Pole Tricks, Bendy B*tches, and Buttery Sensual Floorwork Choreo.

Sensual Doubles Workshop with Chloé and Dorothy at Sydney Pole (Valentine's Day Special 2023)

Corporate Gig & Events

Pole dancing shows has become a perfect entertainment for those looking for a unique show experience for a range of events and celebrations. I've danced at corporate gigs, live band music events, birthday parties, and restaurant / bar soft opening parties as well.

Chloé Uchida Live Band Gig Event

Marketing & Public Relations

With my background in marketing, public relations, and freelance copywriter, I've worked on a range of projects from small to medium businesses, government bodies, and large corporations. Industries include fitness, food & beverages, high-end fashion & lifestyle, and beauty.

Chloé Uchida marketing & public relations


Sydney, Australia

0417 888 880

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